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Impressions after 1 month with Apple Watch Series 2

Those who follow my past blogs have come to know that I hate buying into new tech too early, and I also hate paying full retail price for new tech.  Call me cheap if you like, but I just don't like my life (and credit card) to take the risks of emerging tech.  On my recent visit back to the US, I found an Apple watch series 2 for sale on Craigslist in like-new condition, and decided to go for it.

Apple Watch 3 Rumors: Battery, Camera, Sim Card

The wearables market has been interesting for a few years, although not THAT interesting...  You can read my previous blog about when why one 2014 smartwatch WAS finally practical, but unfortunately times have changed already, and with the demise of pebble, many people are left scratching their heads about what practical piece of technology they *might* consider wearing.  Apple watch?  maybe.  maybe not.