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Wanted: 60 Day Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

I am a law-abiding firearm owner.  The trend of mass shootings and the lack of movement to do anything about them sickens me, but I know some form of compromise is needed for any change to happen.  I have recently concluded that gun culture and laws must change for the good of this country and the world.   I am writing this to hopefully reach those who won't take phone calls from me.

What follows are my thoughts about why I think we should have a 60 day waiting period for ALL firearm purchases (and some other ideas too).   I know, I am opening myself up for attack from all sides.  Many people (especially my friends overseas) think all guns should go away from the United States. No questions, no reimbursement, just take them all.

Python: Append items to a tuple

Tuples, tuples, tuples.  Thats fun to say.  We've all used them, but dynamic assembly of them? Now this is cool -- and something I never needed to do until today of course.  Appending values to a list, or a dict is easy and well documented, but less common is the need to append or dynamically assemble a tuple.  Lets look at a Pythonic way to do that.

But why?  (You should always ask this) In my use-case, I was dynamically assembling an sql query.  based on the existence of a form variable, i needed to add a clause to my sql, which I am doing classic pythonic replacement on using a tuple of values.