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New .COM2 Global TLD Announced for Comoro Islands

I rarely have the time or energy to break new stories, but I met the young entrepreneurs who are behind a new Top Level Domain (TLD), and via a friend who connected me was able to get the scoop, and thusly pass it along via the interwebs undergrounds nows.

With deals already nearing public release with GoDaddy, 1&1 and Marcaria, Paul Melinchek and Jason Burg were amazingly successful in getting their ICANN proposal supported.  The two young entrepreneurs from Texas have friends with connections to the Comoro Islands in the former French colony – now the Union of the Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Africa.

The new .COM2 domain extension will bring new a revenue stream to the Comoros beyond the .km domain already in use.  The primary economic strength is in agriculture, exporting food crops such as cassava, coconut, bananas, vanilla, and cloves amongst others.

“With the flood of unusual new domain extensions that are long and not as conversationally easy to work with, we think .COM2 will be very attractive,” said Paul, Founder of NotMeToo LLP who is governing the new .COM2 NIC services.  “We think it will roll off the tongue easily, so people can say, ‘Yes, you can find our website at MyDomain dot-com too’ (MyDomain.COM2).”

Jason, NotMeToo LLP’s Chief Technology Officer added, “The timing is just right, and we hope to have our official announcement on a memorable day in spring to maximize the disruption.”

Though deals are nearly done with GoDaddy, 1&1 and Marcaria, none of the registrars were available for comment, but considering the short notice, I didn't take any offense to that.  Plus I am not really a reporter :)

Visit the company’s blog for more details --

Follow NotMeToo LLP’s twitter more details: @notmetoollp

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