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False: Entrepreneurs Need to Work Until Their Eyes Bleed To Succeed

We have all heard it before:  If you are going to be an entrepreneur, you better be prepared to risk all and give all, and push yourself beyond your limits.  In many ways this is true, but those who don't put discipline to this concept end up burning out, or becoming so indifferent (or dare I say, lazy) that you invite defeat, and then act all surprised when it happens.  This "low" often means that you are unwilling to learn from your mistakes, which sets you in a very wrong direction.

I'm writing (and talking to myself as I write) to say that it isn't a hard requirement that an entrepreneur have no life apart from work.  Life is mashable -- In fact, the work-home balance is absolutely critical.  If any of you are like me, I have intense feelings of guilt when I take any time off, and this is precisely the negative perception that needs to be beaten, and for myself, is an ongoing area of growth.

So here are a few pointers on how to strike that work-home balance.

WAMP Apache Performance Woes [Fixed]

I've been running Apache on Windows for many years.  This particular server is a relic from when I had mostly windows servers running.  Nowadays, everything is cloud deployed with Linux.  Still, its nice to have a "physical server" somewhere for quick prototype and static content hosting etc.

Lately I've been having a heck of a time with performance on the otherwise stable Win2008R2 + apache 2.4x stack.

I googled like mad and found lots of people talking about problems with their WAMP stack.  My behavior was sort of unique in that after an apache restart, sometimes pages would load super fast for 10-20 seconds, then simple requests for static pages would go DOG slow.  Like 20-30 seconds for a plain text page.  Unreasonable.

After all the google foo, I found a solution.  Credit goes to: where I found the answer.

What was the answer?  To add the following to your httpd.conf …