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Update 1 week with iPhone 6 plus

I have had the iPhone 6 plus for one week.  How is it going? Lets find out!

A Road Warrior Review of iPhone 6 Plus 5.5" Smartphone

I am always on the go.  I do everything from office work to motorcycle rides to the pistol shooting competitions to Australian trips to the deep outback.  I demand much from my electronics, so I have high expectations.  Look at my previous posts and you will see that it is hard to please me.

So lets have a look at the new iPhone 6 plus.

How to make git command line use a different default editor (vi haters)

I was asked this question and it turned out to be a very useful tip.  For those of you who abhor the use of "vi" as the default *nix text editor when doing git commits merges pulls etc., rejoice! You can change git's default text editor by changing the core.editor configuration.  We can accomplish this from a command line like outlined below:

NOTE: put in your editor of choice at the end of the line, don't be a fool :)

$ git config --global core.editor emacs  This works in most *nix based systems, including Mac OSX.  If you just flat out have vi but don't know what to use, "nano" is a pretty newb friendly text editor.  or... you could just learn vi :)


Tablet Display Resolution: More is Better, Right ?

In my ongoing quest for a proper productivity touchscreen device, I've tried many different ones.  Most recently I have been using an iPad mini with and without Retina Display, a Lenovo Thinkpad 8, a Lenovo Lynx with battery keyboard, a Dell Venue 8 Pro and an iPad Air.  They are all kinda-sorta in the same usage segment, though the Lenovo Lynx could almost be considered a laptop.

Some have the goods, some don't... which do you think came out on top?

How fast is my new Windows 8.1 PC ? oh, you can't tell ?

One of the many changes Microsoft has made in its 8.1 update for Windows is to (kinda) remove the Windows Performance Index from the system properties. #boohoo #notreally #meh  Do you care? What if you still want to see it ?

Thinkpad 8: Running on an apple A4 processor ? #ironictypo

This short blog post is just to poke some fun at the silly typos that happen in mass scale online selling.

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my newly purchased Lenovo Thinkpad 8 tablet PC!  Lenovo even has communicated that it is designed to take some market share away from Apple.

While google-ing for a case and accessories, I found Amazon's Thinkpad 8 product page.  I scrolled down and casually looked at the documentation, only to find that their description has a bit of an error!

Can the iPad be challenged for business use cases? Lenovo thinks so...

Apple fanboys and Haters will agree on at least one point -- Apple's iPad is a very refined product and positions itself well to be used for business.  But as many have said, the higher some climb, the greater they can fall... so can iPad be unseated? Can some of that market be shared ?  Lenovo's bold Thinkpad 8 is going to try...

Presentation: Evolution of the Hacker Entrepreneur - Walnut Street Labs

Today I visited Walnut Street Labs and shared some highlights of my career as well as some of the defining truths I have learned over the years!

Watch the presentation here:

Download the powerpoint here:
02-04-2014 evolution of hacker

Thanks again to @walnutstlabs for the invitation, I had a great time!