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Update 1 week with iPhone 6 plus

I have had the iPhone 6 plus for one week.  How is it going? Lets find out!

A Road Warrior Review of iPhone 6 Plus 5.5" Smartphone

I am always on the go.  I do everything from office work to motorcycle rides to the pistol shooting competitions to Australian trips to the deep outback.  I demand much from my electronics, so I have high expectations.  Look at my previous posts and you will see that it is hard to please me.

So lets have a look at the new iPhone 6 plus.

How to make git command line use a different default editor (vi haters)

I was asked this question and it turned out to be a very useful tip.  For those of you who abhor the use of "vi" as the default *nix text editor when doing git commits merges pulls etc., rejoice! You can change git's default text editor by changing the core.editor configuration.  We can accomplish this from a command line like outlined below:

NOTE: put in your editor of choice at the end of the line, don't be a fool :)

$ git config --global core.editor emacs  This works in most *nix based systems, including Mac OSX.  If you just flat out have vi but don't know what to use, "nano" is a pretty newb friendly text editor.  or... you could just learn vi :)


Tablet Display Resolution: More is Better, Right ?

In my ongoing quest for a proper productivity touchscreen device, I've tried many different ones.  Most recently I have been using an iPad mini with and without Retina Display, a Lenovo Thinkpad 8, a Lenovo Lynx with battery keyboard, a Dell Venue 8 Pro and an iPad Air.  They are all kinda-sorta in the same usage segment, though the Lenovo Lynx could almost be considered a laptop.

Some have the goods, some don't... which do you think came out on top?

How fast is my new Windows 8.1 PC ? oh, you can't tell ?

One of the many changes Microsoft has made in its 8.1 update for Windows is to (kinda) remove the Windows Performance Index from the system properties. #boohoo #notreally #meh  Do you care? What if you still want to see it ?

Thinkpad 8: Running on an apple A4 processor ? #ironictypo

This short blog post is just to poke some fun at the silly typos that happen in mass scale online selling.

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my newly purchased Lenovo Thinkpad 8 tablet PC!  Lenovo even has communicated that it is designed to take some market share away from Apple.

While google-ing for a case and accessories, I found Amazon's Thinkpad 8 product page.  I scrolled down and casually looked at the documentation, only to find that their description has a bit of an error!

Presentation: Evolution of the Hacker Entrepreneur - Walnut Street Labs

Today I visited Walnut Street Labs and shared some highlights of my career as well as some of the defining truths I have learned over the years!

Watch the presentation here:

Download the powerpoint here:
02-04-2014 evolution of hacker

Thanks again to @walnutstlabs for the invitation, I had a great time!