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Project: Motorcycle Mobile Hack

BMW K75 RTP (Police cruiser)
Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know that I am a motorcycle hacker.  Thats a unique term -- i like to tinker with the engine and such, but I relate more to being a programmer than to being a gearhead.  Let the motorcycle hacking begin...

I have a new project :) This nifty old police cruiser was yelling out to me to turn it into a mashable project.

The police cruiser didn't come with a title, so it isn't something I can just fix and ride legally.  As fate would have it, I happen to have access to a bmw k75 frame, and this police cruiser has everything else I need, and has some cool potential.

The police cruisers have lots of cool wiring in the fairing for all the sensors, sirens, radio, etc. so theres lots of goodies to tinker with.  In addition, it has this super cool trunk in back, designed to hold the radio (i think?).  All I know is that it looks like a great place to put a computer.  yup, a real computer.

What might that computer do?  Not sure yet.  I'm thinking of redefining "mobile computing" -- maybe a web server running off 4g/LTE logging stats and gps location and a map gui?  Maybe a linux machine that reads all the motorcycles vital stats for analysis ?  Maybe an rfid scanner to pick up all the rfid devices around me and mess with the Turnpike easy-pass system? heh.  lots of potential.

It needs a bit of cosmetic luv, the fairing is busted up, and its generally scraped up to crap, but its juicy center is all good :) and the engine itself has relatively low miles and runs great.

So I'll post some coolio stuff as I start to make the machine part usable.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear your ideas on how to cyborg this beastie and make it a mobile marvel :)  Feel free to comment, or tweet at me.

Any other motorcycle hackers out there ?

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