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iPad Mini: Worth it or Stupid ?

I keep up to date on new mobile devices, party because I love gadgets, and partly because my job is all about mobile productivity.  The rumors about the iPad mini have been around for a while, and are usually quickly followed by Steve Job's famous discourse about how there will never be a 7" ipad.  Is it worth it?

Icepdf Alternative to CFPDF for High Resolution PDF Thumbnails

I ran into the same problem that many have with generating high resolution thumbnails from a PDF file.  Using CFPDF, the options for scale and high resolution do nothing.  The reason is that the included jpedal java library doesn't have the included support for high resolution export.  For those of you who have this problem and are as frustrated as I was, here is an option that worked for me.

Internet Ettiquette: A Lesson in Good vs Bad

or "How used obscenities to teach a moral lesson the effective and painful way"
This should become required reading for young aspiring entrepreneurs, MBA students, and for those who fancy themselves something better than a corporate drone.

With our country's moral and family values going to crap in a hand basket, we need to recognize, learn and demonstrate what is good and true, and this collection of links and commentary shows one aspect of this truth.  What the heck am I talking about?  Waging war against original creativity.