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Making Macbook Air with 128GB SSD usable with Bootcamp

I recently got a new Macbook Air 11" (the 2012 version) and loaded it with goodies like 8GB ram and 2GHz Core i7.  What I DIDN'T upgrade was the internal SSD.  My config came with 128GB SSD and I refused to pay $300+ to upgrade it to 256GB.  Yeah I know, some call me cheap, but SSds cost $75-$150 for 240GB, so adding another 128GB for $300 seemed way too steep for me.  I figured "ok, I'm going to make 128G work!"

Here is the story of how that went...

Amazon stepping up the Tablet (and smartphone?) war

Today at 1pm PST, Amazon is supposedly announcing their new versions of the Kindle tablets and readers.  The new Kindle Fire is said to step up the hardware specs, possibly introduce a new form factor (10" screen), and what is most exciting: potentially an Amazon branded smartphone.