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iPad Mini: Worth it or Stupid ?

I keep up to date on new mobile devices, party because I love gadgets, and partly because my job is all about mobile productivity.  The rumors about the iPad mini have been around for a while, and are usually quickly followed by Steve Job's famous discourse about how there will never be a 7" ipad.  Is it worth it?

Icepdf Alternative to CFPDF for High Resolution PDF Thumbnails

I ran into the same problem that many have with generating high resolution thumbnails from a PDF file.  Using CFPDF, the options for scale and high resolution do nothing.  The reason is that the included jpedal java library doesn't have the included support for high resolution export.  For those of you who have this problem and are as frustrated as I was, here is an option that worked for me.

Internet Ettiquette: A Lesson in Good vs Bad

or "How used obscenities to teach a moral lesson the effective and painful way"
This should become required reading for young aspiring entrepreneurs, MBA students, and for those who fancy themselves something better than a corporate drone.

With our country's moral and family values going to crap in a hand basket, we need to recognize, learn and demonstrate what is good and true, and this collection of links and commentary shows one aspect of this truth.  What the heck am I talking about?  Waging war against original creativity.

Making Macbook Air with 128GB SSD usable with Bootcamp

I recently got a new Macbook Air 11" (the 2012 version) and loaded it with goodies like 8GB ram and 2GHz Core i7.  What I DIDN'T upgrade was the internal SSD.  My config came with 128GB SSD and I refused to pay $300+ to upgrade it to 256GB.  Yeah I know, some call me cheap, but SSds cost $75-$150 for 240GB, so adding another 128GB for $300 seemed way too steep for me.  I figured "ok, I'm going to make 128G work!"

Here is the story of how that went...

Amazon stepping up the Tablet (and smartphone?) war

Today at 1pm PST, Amazon is supposedly announcing their new versions of the Kindle tablets and readers.  The new Kindle Fire is said to step up the hardware specs, possibly introduce a new form factor (10" screen), and what is most exciting: potentially an Amazon branded smartphone.

Google Nexus: The Tablet War Is Heating Up

It all started with HP's fire sale on their Touchpad tablets for $99 -- and the world took notice when the public would buy ANY tablet that was in their price range, regardless of the fact that it was being discontinued...

With Google's announcement of their new 7" Android tablet, the mobile/tablet market is getting hotter.  Lets take a look at why THIS technogeek thinks that Google's new tablet will usher in a whole new flood of quality devices to the market.

Why CFML | ColdFusion | Railo is still relevant for 2012

I occasionally get heat from other technology sectors about why I still use CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language).  I've spoken at many conferences about CFML and mashups with other technology.  I just want to say a few things for the record about my standpoint on CFML and its relevance in 2012.

March 7 Apple Live Event

Here's a breakdown of some of the most significant items happening at Cupertino!  I'm updating this as new stuff is announced.

Flex Builder 3 on Mac OSX Lion

I, like many developers, have projects in various state of development -- old stuff just being maintained, in-process stuff on new and older platforms, and new stuff using all new tools.  One of the biggest challenges is how to update your development environment and still have all the stuff you need.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 is one of those tools.  Flash Builder 4.x is different enough that I don't want to cause issues with my FB3 specific projects.  At the same time, I upgraded to a new Macbook Air running OSX 10.7 Lion.

CFPDF problems with RAILO running on AMAZON EC2

I've been deploying more and more apps to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and EC2 lately, and ran into this interesting issue.  While using CFPDF to get thumbnail images of PDF files, I got the dreaded "
com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGDecodeParam.getEncodedColorID" error. After doing some quick research, I was displeased to see that apparently CFPDF still relies on the old 2D java libs for image manipulation.