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Epic Contact #FAIL

I seldom pick on people's mistakes in public...  no wait, I ALWAYS do that!  I received a submission to the website that made me smile, and thankfully we can all learn a good lesson from it.

In ye ole' internet meme fashion, I received a contact form submission that didn't look at all spammish:

"Good day Pain in the Apps,

I’m looking for any contact details (email, phone number or mail address) of the website owner or marketing person that I can communicate with for possible business venture on website income opportunities. We are very much interested to do business with you. Please send me an email together with your website name and I’ll be glad to call you to discuss this matter.

Thank you"

I particularly loved the comment that I should send an email and include my website name, just to remind them who they spammed, and to stroke my ego that they actually do have a "very much" interest in doing business with us (me).

So lets take a moment and consider that maybe there IS a significant opportunity for doing business together, so by golly, I WILL email him and remind him who I am and what my website is since they are so interested!  (note sarcastic tone and grin [well, you can't see the grin {but I digress}])

OOOOOOPPPSSS,  mega #fail -- it appears that the sender forgot to post a full email address in the "email" box on my contact form.  He did give me his name though.  Lets call him "Glenn." (for anonymity's sake).

Important tip Glenn:  Your email address has first name, its G-L-E-N-N, and your email has a second name, its A-O-L-DOT-COM (maybe not, but it DOES have a last name) [musical reference for the n00bs]. Don't forget a well placed squiggle bug (you know the thing that is always buzzing above the "2" key on your keyboard?)

So what have we leaned today?  If you don't want to be flamed on the internet, then remember to actually type in your full email address and DOUBLE check it if you actually want a response.  Otherwise we can't reply to your urgent requests to wire money to the Prime Minister of Nigeria, or to claim the large sum of money in the missing swiss bank account.  Those jerks didn't leave a full email address either.

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