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Showing posts from May, 2011

Android Vs. iPhone Drama: Episode 14

Ok, well this probably isn't episode 14, but if Star Wars can start with episode IV, then I can take some of my own liberties too :)

This post is all about what I've found out by completely switching from iPhone 4 to an Android smartphone over the last few months.  I just completed a "one day" experiment to go back to iPhone and see how it compares now that I am used to the Android OS.  Lots of juicy goodness to follow!

Flash Builder 4.5 IOS Tutorials Coming Soon

I just got my hands on a copy of Flash Builder 4.5, which has much improved IOS deployment capability.  Stay tuned (subscribe!!!) to get the update when I post some new stuff about the greatest Flash Builder yet!

First Impressions of jQuery Mobile 1.0a4.1

I just finished my first project using jQuery Mobile 1.0a4.1.  I am not new to JQuery in general, or to mobile frameworks, as I have built other projects using jQTouch.  What is contained herein are my thoughts about having used JQM (how I will refer to jQuery Mobile from now on) and some of the pitfalls I faced.