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Railo on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk: Server health is set to red

I have been trying to follow documentation (limited) on how to deploy a Railo application into Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, and came across some recurring issues.  If you are new to Railo+Beanstalk, check out this helpful blog:

The problems I encountered were:

- Deploying via the Eclipse tools yields an error that it could not "detect" the application,
- The application / server health is set to RED (meaning monitoring fails)
- Port 80 fails

Here is what I have found to overcome these issues:

Creating a Customized Linux Amazon Beanstalk AMI

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched some cool stuff in the last year.  One of the newest and most exciting is Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.  The purpose of Beanstalk is to let developers create web applications and deploy them into an auto-scalable cloud hosted environment.  I'm going to share a little about this, and then talk about how to make your own customized Linux machine image (and why you would want one anyway...).

iPhone No More. Now "i" Android

*Sigh* Mobile phones annoy me.  Nothing ever meets the bill for me.  Either I have too high expectations, or all mobile phone makers fall short.  I'm going to vote on all manufacturers falling short.

IPad 2: One Day Later -- or "Why I am underwhelmed"

I am not shy about Apple products or the company.  I think Mac is a great brand, the hardware quality is second to none, although you pay for that style.  iPhones and iPads have continued that tradition.  I own an iPhone 4 (although I tried to get rid of it in 2010 and go to an Android phone, resulting in catastrophic #fail), and I also own an iPad.  I would say that I am a power user on both, but I have settled into a routine of using only the basic features of both.

So March 2 was a special day -- the day that Mr. Jobs announced the iPad 2.  Much excitement occurred and lots of press, and even excitement on wall street.  So should we be excited about this new release ?  Well, Apple kind of "defined" the market space for slate/tablet type computers.  If you look at the hardware specs, it really is just a netbook without a keyboard.  I know, I know, that might be an oversimplification, but look at the facts:  Can I install Microsoft Office on it? No.  Can I browse Flash base…