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iOS Untethered Jailbreak for 5.0.1 iPhone iPod and iPad!

It has been a long time in coming, but the underground iPhone hacking teams (with special credit to pod2g for figuring out the way to jailbreak) have done it again, releasing a new version of the redsn0w application to jailbreak your iPhones, iPods and iPads running iOS 5.0.1.  It doesn't work for iPhone 4S or iPad 2 yet (A5 chips), but they are still working hard on it.  All A4 chips are supported.

For the people new to this game, here are some terms you need to understand:

Epic Contact #FAIL

I seldom pick on people's mistakes in public...  no wait, I ALWAYS do that!  I received a submission to the website that made me smile, and thankfully we can all learn a good lesson from it.

3 days with the Kindle Fire: iPad killer or no?

When I saw the Kindle Fire announcement, I knew it was going to be a hit, and I pre-ordered one.  But how big of a hit is it actually, now that it is out?  Lets review my experience from a few days of use.

Building Mobile Apps that integrate with SharePoint, Google, Amazon etc

Here are the presentation files from my NCDevCon talk on Sept 18, 2011.

This includes the powerpoint presentation, and sample code from the two apps used in the demo.  The first being a jquery mobile app using CFML, and the second is a FlashBuilder 4.5 mobile using actionscript 3, both of which use the free CloudPointe API for super easy integration with cloud and enterprise storage.

Thanks to all who came out to my session!  If you missed this presentation or my facebook talk and want to watch the recording, the videos are online here:

Building Facebook Apps -- presentation files

Thanks to all who attended my presentation today on building Facebook applications.  The presentation files (jquery mobile app, powerpoint file) are available for download HERE.  I just added the Flash AS3 code.  It is available for download HERE.

Be sure to come by my talk tomorrow, Sunday Sept 18 at 2pm on Integrating mobile apps with SharePoint, Google Docs, Amazon S3 and more, all powered by CloudPointe!

If you missed this presentation or my talk about integrating mobile apps with SharePoint, Google and Amazon, and want to watch the recording, the videos are online here:

NCDevCon 2011

Come join me at NCDevCon 2011 in North Carolina Sept 17 and 18, where I will be speaking about building Facebook applications.  This should be a good time, with lots of great speakers and topics, including rich internet applications (RIAs), Mobile applications and HTML5.


Load Balancing DSL for small office / home office

Below is a summary of my experiences with setting up a load balanced DSL (or other broadband) configuration for home/home office.

This apparently has been an ever-elusive configuration for a lot of people, so I figured that since we now have it all working right, I'd share some details about what I did, the problems I ran into, and some thoughts about why you might WANT to do this, or why you SHOULDN'T do this.

Android Vs. iPhone Drama: Episode 14

Ok, well this probably isn't episode 14, but if Star Wars can start with episode IV, then I can take some of my own liberties too :)

This post is all about what I've found out by completely switching from iPhone 4 to an Android smartphone over the last few months.  I just completed a "one day" experiment to go back to iPhone and see how it compares now that I am used to the Android OS.  Lots of juicy goodness to follow!

Flash Builder 4.5 IOS Tutorials Coming Soon

I just got my hands on a copy of Flash Builder 4.5, which has much improved IOS deployment capability.  Stay tuned (subscribe!!!) to get the update when I post some new stuff about the greatest Flash Builder yet!

First Impressions of jQuery Mobile 1.0a4.1

I just finished my first project using jQuery Mobile 1.0a4.1.  I am not new to JQuery in general, or to mobile frameworks, as I have built other projects using jQTouch.  What is contained herein are my thoughts about having used JQM (how I will refer to jQuery Mobile from now on) and some of the pitfalls I faced.

Cross Domain Ajax/jQuery Scripting with YQL

Apparently I am late to the party on this topic, but it is tremendously cool, so it warrants a blog post.
The pain:
You want to call a remote website/service/etc. using ajax / jquery, but it kinda just never does anything.
The reason:
Cross site scripting is a no-no!  If the site you are talking to is in a different domain, most (good) browsers will block the request, and often will do so silently so you have no clue what is going on.

Railo on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk: Server health is set to red

I have been trying to follow documentation (limited) on how to deploy a Railo application into Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, and came across some recurring issues.  If you are new to Railo+Beanstalk, check out this helpful blog:

The problems I encountered were:

- Deploying via the Eclipse tools yields an error that it could not "detect" the application,
- The application / server health is set to RED (meaning monitoring fails)
- Port 80 fails

Here is what I have found to overcome these issues:

Creating a Customized Linux Amazon Beanstalk AMI

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched some cool stuff in the last year.  One of the newest and most exciting is Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.  The purpose of Beanstalk is to let developers create web applications and deploy them into an auto-scalable cloud hosted environment.  I'm going to share a little about this, and then talk about how to make your own customized Linux machine image (and why you would want one anyway...).

iPhone No More. Now "i" Android

*Sigh* Mobile phones annoy me.  Nothing ever meets the bill for me.  Either I have too high expectations, or all mobile phone makers fall short.  I'm going to vote on all manufacturers falling short.

IPad 2: One Day Later -- or "Why I am underwhelmed"

I am not shy about Apple products or the company.  I think Mac is a great brand, the hardware quality is second to none, although you pay for that style.  iPhones and iPads have continued that tradition.  I own an iPhone 4 (although I tried to get rid of it in 2010 and go to an Android phone, resulting in catastrophic #fail), and I also own an iPad.  I would say that I am a power user on both, but I have settled into a routine of using only the basic features of both.

So March 2 was a special day -- the day that Mr. Jobs announced the iPad 2.  Much excitement occurred and lots of press, and even excitement on wall street.  So should we be excited about this new release ?  Well, Apple kind of "defined" the market space for slate/tablet type computers.  If you look at the hardware specs, it really is just a netbook without a keyboard.  I know, I know, that might be an oversimplification, but look at the facts:  Can I install Microsoft Office on it? No.  Can I browse Flash base…

The State of the Web: Winter, 2010

Technology is a serious business.  Sometimes too serious :)  Here at PainInTheApps, we enjoy reading people's perspectives on technology, and one of our favorites is THEOATMEAL.  So sit back and enjoy one of the best commentaries on the state of the web!

(it clicks the image to see the funny)

Adobe Flex + Adobe AIR + IPhone Packager for IOS apps - PART 1

I am headed down this journey to understand the do's and don'ts of building what are essentially Flash based apps that deploy as native applications on IOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, IPad).  What will follow are my notes, discoveries, gotchas and whatever else may follow.

History:  Adobe created the iPhone packager as a way for Flash developers to leverage their existing massive library of content, and have a way to compile it into an "IPA" file suitable for install on iPhone devices.  Initially, Apple was having none of that silliness since Mr. Paranoia (Jobs) didn't retain complete control, so they banned all 3rd party tools for native IOS applications, effectively crotch-blocking Adobe in the process.

In light of industry predictions that Apple will lose out to Android in a few years, they swiftly saw the light, and repealed the senseless ban on 3rd party tools for application development, and thus, Adobe's packager for iPhone re-emerged.

Also, Adobe rec…

Here comes the PainInTheApps Store!

Well, we've done it!  Shameless efforts to deprive you of the precious money you work so hard to earn... I know, I know...

We've got some cool designs you should see!  Check out the new store (clicky the 'Store' tab above).  It's chock full o' goodies with original designs.

Let us know what you think, we'll be adding designs over time as well!  Come grab your PITA t-shirts and gifts!

Dell XPS M1330 + Snow Leopard Hackintosh

I have been working with a Dell XPS M1330 laptop for a few years now.  It doesn't quite match up to the newest notebooks in terms of performance, but it certainly still has some life in it.  I had previously installed OSX 10.5.x on it as an experiment, and had moderate success.  I decided to revisit this idea again to install Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) on the Dell M1330, and keep some notes for those of you brave enough to Hackintosh your own machine...

CES 2011: Wow, tablets! ... meh ...

If you have read any of my posts over the last 6 months, I have waxed philosophic about tablet trends.  I have been looking for the mighty tablet vendor to stand up to Apple.  In 2010, nobody was able to challenge Apple.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show for you newbies) is the annual international conference where all the vendors come together to showcase whats new in techno geek must-haves.  This year's show delivers all improved devices from all the expected vendors, but underwhelms from a 'new' technology perspective.

So what was the 'hot' item (from vendors' perspective!) ?  tablets of course.  I've been controlling myself to not just say 'so what!' but the truth is that everybody is trying to play catch up.