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The Real Hackintosh and iPad Killer

I've been searching for the right technology to fill my needs for both a toy, and a practical business tool that is a touchscreen and can also be used when I need to do real work.
Lets face it, this new wave of "slate" tablet type thingies like ipad and the onslaught of chinese clones, may be good for taking notes and browsing media, but ultimately are very weak when it comes to doing real work on anything.  If you can't easily copy/paste content from application to application, or open complex spreadsheets on your tablet, then it ceases to be an effective tool for most computer professionals.
Lets talk about what a real business tablet looks like.

Getting Started with OpenVAS on CentOS - an open source vulnerability scanner

The Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution. (Taken from the OpenVAS website, which is at )

This blog entry will introduce OpenVAS version 3.1, walk through installation on CentOS and is intended as a "getting started" guide. I'll also do a guide for installing on Ubuntu later.

Blogger problems with Google Sitemap [Fixed]

With the myriad of services that Google offers, its a wonder that any of them work together sometimes.
With this shiny new blog, I wanted to submit a google sitemap (using Google's webmaster tools of course).  If you follow the directions out there on the interwebs about how to do that, it seems that there are some pitfalls.
I followed the directions to use, and even tried as my feed, but when I checked back in with Google Webmaster tools, sure enough, all my submitted URLs have errors.
The reason it gave was:  "This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location. Problem detected on: etc etc. -- Details URL not allowed"

Apache mod_rewrite to remove index.php or index.cfm from SES Urls

The subtitle to this post might be "or how I beat my brain into submission to understand what mod_rewrite needs from me."
Background: The premise of this story is simple:  web guy uses a CMS or framework to make the website or application totally kick butt.  The only downside is that you have URLs that tell the world what technology you are using and it makes for ugly URLs.
For example:
While your app may in fact do something awesome at that URL, it also does something blatantly not-so-awesome, which is, it tells everybody who uses it that you use PHP.  Bad thing? some may say no, so long as you are crazy meticulous about security on your server.  Others may say that anonymity is better.  I am one of the latter.  Better for would-be hackers to not even have a clue what you are using behind-the-scenes. This same scenario applies whether you are using PHP, java server pages, ColdFusion or Railo or any other scripting language where…

Android 3.0/3.5 For Tablets Looking Nice

Google tablets will flood homes this Christmas.  They are new, some of them are low cost, and some of them are good, although none are all three...

It has been common knowledge with developers that Google's Android OS is not very well suited to tablet use.  It was designed for small screens for use with mobile devices.  Tablets, although the concept is not brand new, it kind of is new anyway.  For Android especially since so many people are pumping out devices to compete with Apple's iPad.

What is on the horizon though, is Android 3.0 and 3.5, which apparently are going to be much more tablet device friendly.  Google is even working with Motorola and Samsung to make sure that next-generation devices made for Android 3.x will step up the game for performance and consumer friendly interfaces.


Its about time something changed around here...

Yes, something is about to change! I'm moving my blog to a new site! Just wait until you hear about the drama involved with moving my blog from X to Y service. Yucko.
So what is thrilling... (no wait, the other one... TEDIOUS...) is that I am moving to use Google's Blogger platform. At some point here, I will be redirecting the old site to the new one, but in the meantime, all new posts will go on the new site (after this one, silly...). So what is the new blog called?
"" -- a blog of intrigue, insight and sarcasm for the great world of software It should be a good time, chock full o' somethin'. 
Stop by, sign up to follow the new blog, and have fun!