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More Android Tablet Drama

There seems to be a lot of drama these days around all the new Android tablets. Everybody is in a rush to get a piece of the market that Apple is currently dominating. In this rush, some are getting sloppy.Apparently there were some issues with advertising Viewsonic's new tablet, which went on sale via Sears' website today. Apparently the item is listed under the wrong name, and some print advertising had the wrong description saying that it would dual boot with windows 7. There is such a tablet, but the one they are selling is not it.

Archos had some shipping date issues that are resonating with consumers, as tablets scheduled for shipping Nov 1st were suddenly changed on Nov 2 to now have a delivery date of late November.

Also entering the mix are a few other tablets: Hannspree tablet, eLocity A7, and out of china two new impressive low cost tablets: Malata Zpad and APad A8 IMX515. There appear to be no shortage of older technology tablets still surfacing as well such a…