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Apparently Steve Jobs Has a Problem WIth Anybody Who Doesn't Think Like Steve Jobs

That's not a short title, sorry. Anybody who knows me, knows that I abhor anybody who blatantly lies or deceives people for personal or other gain. I have posted many times about how Steve Jobs is taking Apple down a path, that while currently very profitable (emphasis on the "VERY"), it is destined for self destruction.

In a new spat over Mr. Job's apparent ignorance about the Android platform, he spewed tidbits about how his chief competition has bad market fragmentation and alluded to how Apple's approach is better. He specifically targeted TweetDeck and used it as an example to try to convince people that "Android" is fragmented. He made assumptions about TweetDeck and built on them.

I consider these to be cheap shots. Odd though, his cheap shots are, considering that Android continues to gain more ground in the market -- faster than Apple.

Any sound business adviser would recommend that Mr. Jobs take a step back and consider playing nice in the industry. Maybe even try to spread some holiday cheer instead of outwardly bashing all those around him.

Luckily the development industry has been getting over their infatuation with the Apple brand, and has been pouring more and more resources into Android. While Android still isn't anywhere as slick and refined as Apple IOS, it IS making progress much faster than Apple thanks to being open source.

Make your own judgments, but out of respect to fellow members of our technology industry, don't pull a "Steve Jobs" and bash all those around you, or you may find yourself very very alone soon.


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