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New Breed Android Tablets may be competition for iPad

I have been looking for a tablet type device for meetings and casual entertainment. Up until recently I have found that the competition for iPad was very disappointing. Most competitors offer cheap hardware (mainly the chinese knock-offs), or outdated hardware and software (older versions of Android, or resistive touchscreen technology).Maybe things are changing. Updated versions of Android that support Hi Definition video and even support Flash Player for apps and video are here. We have a few new things on the nearby horizon: The Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos 70 and 101, Viewsonic ViewPad 7, Hannspree tablet, Toshiba Folio 100, Dell Looking Glass, and the unique HP Photosmart eStation C510 Printer with Android Tablet.

Lots of interesting choices. They all seem to have embraced aggressive pricing, as most of them are under $400. Archos even has a small version (pocket sized) that is going for the under $100 market. The Samsung Galaxy tab is still in the "mobile phone" …

Apparently Steve Jobs Has a Problem WIth Anybody Who Doesn't Think Like Steve Jobs

That's not a short title, sorry. Anybody who knows me, knows that I abhor anybody who blatantly lies or deceives people for personal or other gain. I have posted many times about how Steve Jobs is taking Apple down a path, that while currently very profitable (emphasis on the "VERY"), it is destined for self destruction.

In a new spat over Mr. Job's apparent ignorance about the Android platform, he spewed tidbits about how his chief competition has bad market fragmentation and alluded to how Apple's approach is better. He specifically targeted TweetDeck and used it as an example to try to convince people that "Android" is fragmented. He made assumptions about TweetDeck and built on them.

I consider these to be cheap shots. Odd though, his cheap shots are, considering that Android continues to gain more ground in the market -- faster than Apple.

Any sound business adviser would recommend that Mr. Jobs take a step back and consider playing nice in th…

Seriously? No Decent iPad competition?

I have found myself wanting a thin slate type device for meetings to take notes, pull up websites etc. I won't buy an apple ipad, just because. It seems that the web is abuzz about Google Android tablets, so I did a little research, and even tried buying one. My consumer experience so far has been horrible.

There are MANY android tablets out there right now, but it seems that they all suffer from some common issues. (Be warned, if you are looking for an Android tablet, be aware of these things)

1. Resistive versus capacitive touch screens -- many of these tablets don't support "multi-touch" and many of them require a stylus as well. Yes yes, we all want a multi-touch display. Too bad.

2. Poor quality color displays and poor touch support. So if you get over the lack of multi-touch, the next problem is that all the screens are crappy. They require a hard touch, and just don't have vibrant colors. Not cool for a multimedia device.

3. No App Store ? what ???…

Tiny Company Solves Giant Problems in Cloud-Based Document Management
-- There are lots of different cloud-based document management services already out there, and virtually all of them force customers to store documents in the cloud and tightly couple storage with management and access functions into web-based applications. This approach is fine for some purposes, but for others it can be costly, complex, and even illegal. CloudPointe eschews the applications-oriented approach in favor of a middleware model that preserves existing storage infrastructure, enhances security and control, and enables easy integration with web sites and apps.

Where are touch screens going ?

I, like many others, enjoy a smart phone with a big touch screen. Many people don't like the big touchscreen for one major reason: tactile response. It is for that reason that a lot of people opt for Bleckberry phones and symbian os phones that have a small physical keyboard. I never minded the keyboard much on my old treo (before I moved to an iphone), but I got used to the iphone screen pretty fast too.

I have to admit that there is a challenge when trying to operate a touchscreen based keyboard, especially with one hand. (I won't tell "where i am" or "what I am doing" at the time that this is the biggest issue, and I won't ask you either...).

The iphone and newest android phones try to compensate for this issue by doing "click" sounds or screen buzzing tactile response. It kind of works, but you still can't tell whether you hit the "j" versus the "k" on the virtual keyboard, especially when you have big sausage f…