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Building Facebook apps with CFML

Packt Publishing put up an article I wrote about getting started with Facebook application development using CFML. This was based on a presentation I did at NCDevCon last month. Take a look, let me know if it helped ya...

I'm considering writing another article about using the new Facebook Social Plugins and the new Graph API since it is a bit different from the old RESTful API that most developers have been using.

Android OS on iPhone ?

Yes its actually true... This may be a little old (released in April 2010), but quite interesting!

So many of us are wondering what turn Apple will take next, and when, if ever, they will every start playing nicely with Adobe. Seems that the underground community isn't thrilled with that lack of progress, so people have been actively working on getting linux to run on iphone hardware, and now have managed to get a build of android OS to run on iphone 2G (1st generation). Yes, this potentially means the ability to have flash apps running on your iphone hardware. Not yet, but potentially.

Check it out:


Upgraded the internal HDD of my Mac Mini today

I consider myself reasonably computer savvy, and I've done my fair share of PC upgrades over the years.

Today I tackled an upgrade for my Mac Mini, and upgraded the internal hard drive.

The first thing that messed me up were the specs. I'm not sure why, but I thought there was a standard 3.5" drive inside these things. There is NOT. It is a 2.5" sata drive, just like a notebook computer.

Once I corrected that error, I was ready to begin. I used this youtube video as reference, which was very helpful:

Overall the process wasn't too bad. I wouldn't let a novice do it however. PCs are usually easy to work on, and any ambitious individual who WANTS to learn can usually do so easily. Not so for the Mac Mini. If you don't know what you are doing, let somebody with skills do it. Again, not that hard, but very very different.

I used to think that Compaq computers were a pain in the butt to replace components…