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Lenovo S10-3t Hackintosh Report

First reports are a little frustrating, but I will update this as I go along and find some wins.

boot 132 final + retail 10.6 dvd = hangs at boot of SL disc. Not sure whats up.

boot 132 final + retail 10.5.4 dvd = boots to installer (space screen) and sits at the pinwheel screen indefinitely. I'm going to try some bios changes to see if I can get it to go.

Using the handy old MSI Wind slipstream dvd = installed osx 10.5.4 no worries, nice and smooth. The only problem is, all my kexts = fail.

I thought I had kexts from various places for wifi, touchscreen, and audio, but none of them seem to work yet. The wifi is a broadcom.

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