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iPad Killer? Not yet... FAIL report on lenovo s10-3t

After a few weeks of working in my spare time, here is what I managed to accomplish:

1. I could get a copy of 10.5.4 (slipstreamed for MSI wind) to install, and bluetooth worked, which I could hack to give me internet access. No Wifi, no QE/CI video, no ethernet, no touchscreen support, never bothered with sound, but supposedly it is similar to the lenovo s10-2 and should work.

2. With a custom chameleon 2 rc3 cd, i could boot and install snow leopard 10.6.0. Bluetooth worked out of the box, no wifi, native resolution 1024x600, but no QE/CI acceleration, no ethernet, no touchscreen, again, never bothered with sound.

3. Since Wifi is a deal breaker, I bought a dell 1395 WLAN 1/2 height card to drop in. No go :( The lenovo bios detected a WLAN card that it will not support, and won't boot. I've read on how you can hack the bios, or hack the rom on the WLAN card to fudge it, but yeeeshhhh.... thats not the simple $15 fix i was looking for.

So after evaluating all of the abo…

Flash Builder 4 (aka Flex 4 aka "Gumbo") is released!

Lots of aka's (i know). Flex 4 SDK (open source) has been out for a while, or at least as a public beta. Now that Flash Builder 4 (the new IDE that replaces Flex Builder 3 -- note the product naming difference), there is a lot to be excited about.

A new skinning system that brings in the best of declarative graphics and fixes quirks with scale 9 and manual skinning of components. Supposedly everything is a lot more efficient and light weight. Flex 3 was pretty to look at, but a bit memory intensive. I don't have specifics on that yet, but all improvements are welcome to make it scalable for larger apps.

It is also designed for backward compatibility, so hopefully all our Flex3 apps compile nicely.

Looks like a great upgrade! If you are into ColdFusion/Railo as well, be sure to check out their bundle of Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder at a good price.

Here are some details:

My new articles on packt publishing

Packt Publishing asked me to write a bit about Railo. It took me forever due to being busy (as always), but here they are! Enjoy and share the love.

Introduction to Railo Open-Source CFML Engine:

Tutorial: Rendering web pages as PDF using Railo

Lenovo S10-3t Hackintosh Report

First reports are a little frustrating, but I will update this as I go along and find some wins.

boot 132 final + retail 10.6 dvd = hangs at boot of SL disc. Not sure whats up.

boot 132 final + retail 10.5.4 dvd = boots to installer (space screen) and sits at the pinwheel screen indefinitely. I'm going to try some bios changes to see if I can get it to go.

Using the handy old MSI Wind slipstream dvd = installed osx 10.5.4 no worries, nice and smooth. The only problem is, all my kexts = fail.

I thought I had kexts from various places for wifi, touchscreen, and audio, but none of them seem to work yet. The wifi is a broadcom.