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iPad killer project is underway!

I went ahead and placed my order today for a lenovo s10-3t today from amazon. They say it is in stock, and i'm looking forward to playing with it. My intention (for scientific purposes only! haha) is to set it up as a dual boot with the windows 7 starter that comes installed on it, and mac osx.I'm pretty excited to try this thing out. It is pretty much all I hoped the iPad would be, and then some. Its a tablet. Its a netbook. It has plenty of storage. It runs flash. It has a proper sized keyboard with the correct layout. All good things, some of which my old dell mini was not.

It seems the cpu and graphic chipset on the lenovo s10-3 is different from the s10 and s10-2. The new s10-3 uses the intel GMA 3150 chipset (its a pine trail n450 processor) which presents potential issues with running mac osx. I've read some mixed results that an old intel GMA 900 driver may work.

Anyway, when it shows up, I'll do some more posts and document the process. Win7 or Ma…

Adobe Announces AIR/Flash support for Android Mobiles

Well, it is finally happening -- the rest of the world is moving on, right around the big iPhone road block. With Android being a fast growing platform, and Adobe giving official support to build native Flash/Flex apps optimized for mobile processors, this puts the pressure on Apple again, to either bend to what consumers want, or face loss of market share.Adobe announced on 14-Feb at Mobile World Conference flash player 10.1 and AIR runtime for Android. This information comes from the Flash Blog here:

If you read this blog entry, it talks about how you can build a Flash application and deploy it to iPhone. Adobe's new set of tools will apparently compile Flash apps down to a native iPhone app format. I have yet to hear whether this works well, and what sacrifices need to be made. Regardless, this doesn't add flash support to mobile safari, but rather an alternate way to make apps for Apple's app store.

This is exciting stuff for Flash…

JavaScript Hack Enables Flash on iPhone

Ok, well it isn't exactly what we want, but it shows that the development community is thinking beyond Apple's stranglehold on iphone OS. According to Wired, Tobias Schneider has written a javascript runtime engine for processing .swf files that is compatible with iphone.Wired published this article about how an open source project called "Gordon" enables .swf files to be displayed in mobile safari. Only websites with Gordon installed will run on iphones, but it shows promise. Also, since this is a pure javascript runtime, it is slow, especially on iphone.

The open source project is here:

and some demos are available here: . I've confirmed that these demos (less one broken link) work on my iphone!

I don't know yet whether apps written in Flex are compatible.

Lenovo S10-3t netbook hackintosh - iPad Killer?

Lenovo's netbooks have had pretty good press, but they haven't really stood out of the competition... yet. When it comes to building hackintosh netbooks, Dell's mini line has had all the press. Do a few searches, and you will see that there are numerous guides for installing mac osx 10.5 and even 10.6 on dell hardware. This may all change...
What is less well known is that Lenovo's S10 previous models (S10, and S10-2) have very similar architecture and components to the Mini line, and the hackintosh community has done a great job of tweaking software to support it.

Now where this leads us, is that the new Lenovo S10-3t (S10-3 being the third generation, and the little "t" stands for tablet!) has some real potential. The S10-3t has a multi-touch compatible touchscreen, and it rotates, so you can flip the screen and use it as a tablet computer! Higher end tablet computers have been doing this for a while, but this is the first netbook using this design tha…