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iPad from Apple... thumbs up or thumbs down ? -or- Another Adobe Flash Crusade

Hmm, can anybody guess what my first question was about the new Apple tablet computer-like-device-thing ?Does it support flash ? Answer: nope.

Sorry, but this one issue kills any interest I have in the device. I am a supporter of people who "make things work" too -- remember I have a dell mini 9 netbook hacked to run Mac OSX -- which I still love by the way. It costs was less than an iPad too. Oh, oh, and it supports FLASH.

Am I a hypocrite because I also have an iphone which does not run flash? Good question :) In a mobile platform there are NO good choices for flash support, so I simply need to live without it. Would iphone be better with flash support? heck yeah...

From my experience, it isn't Adobe that is holding up the deployment of flash on Apple's devices, so at some point, people will give up and go wherever they CAN get flash on their mobiles. I seriously hope Apple figures their stuff out and makes it work. They will get a lot more happy develope…