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Flash on iPhone? Not really, but kind of, sorta...

At MAX, Adobe announced a way to build apps and deploy on iPhone.  Huzzah!  Isn't this what we have been asking for for a LOOOONG time?  Not really....<more/>What follows is opinion.  Take it as such.

According to the Adobe website, with Flash Pro CS5, you can write your applications using Flash/AS3, and then compile to an IPA (iPhone Application) native file.  That means no runtime support for .swf files, just monolith applications compiled as .ipa's.

I give some of the credit of the underlying approach to Apple however.  Adobe has stated (and I have so far believed them) that they wanted to bring Flash to iPhone.  Of course Adobe wants that.  Flash developers want it.  iPhone owners want it.  Apple DOESN'T want it. Why? Because flash on the iPhone means that iPhone users will play games through the web browser using Flash instead of buying apps from the app store, which is where they are making a killing right now.

So, in my opinion, Apple thinks, "how can we …