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FusionDox 2009 is released!

After many months of hard work, we have released the 2009 edition of FusionDox.  Lots of fun things in this edition, including PDF previews of documents, a document conversion API so you can write your own code to convert documents, split/merge PDFs and more.  New Flex/AIR based FusionDox client (aka the FusionDox Authoring System) for live editing MS Office/OpenOffice documents directly through your browser, and it works for Macintosh and Linux computers too!

There is some preliminary info online, with more to come.

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Converting a query to Array ... and Back again, for Flex sake...

There have been a few blog posts on how to convert a query into an array of structures.  Here is <a target="new" href="">Ben Nadel's</a>, Here is <a target="new" href="">Carlos Gallupa's</a>, and there are more out there.

Now that you are a master at converting query to array-of-struct, how about converting it back to a query?  No, not just for kicks, but perhaps for that crazy array you built, that you now want to pull via CFC into a Flex app ? (this is the reason I bothered, b/c u know that CF queries get auto-translated into ArrayCollections in Flex, don't you ??)<more/>If you had an array of structures called "result," you can loop over the array, and reconstruct the query using the key names from your structs and dynamically populate the query set onr row a…