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Viva la Hackintosh!

I have a wonderful new ultra-portable that arrived just the other day, a new Dell Mini 9.  For those not familiar, it is a micro notebook computer with a 9" screen, and a 16gb solid state flash hard drive -- thats right, no magnetic/spinning drive in this thing.

First observations: VERY small, the micro keyboard takes some getting used to, but its not too bad -- i am typing this from the mini now.

It came with windows xp sp3 on it, and you can also order them from dell with a linux OS (ubuntu) which is supposed to be quite good.

I myself researched ahead of time and planned to install Apple's Mac OSX 10.5 on it.  There have been reports of success with this on the net.

Update: I have been sucessful installing mac osx 10.5 on the mini.  All in all not too bad to get it all up and running using a slipstreamed osx dvd originally designed for the msi wind.

I have to add that, not only is the coolest micro mac around, but it performs fantastic -- definitely better than windows xp …

I will be speaking at CF United 2009

I have been invited to speak at CFUnited 2009 in Leesburg, VA, August 12-15 2009. If you haven't attended CF United before, be sure to sign up, as it is a fantastic program, and a great place to network with some of the most skilled developers in the world.

This will be the 5th CFUnited event that I have spoken at, and the second time I will be presenting on a Flex topic.

This year I will be going through the architecture of building a Google App Engine (GAE) app, powered by Flex. This allows you to create an application hosted by Google's application architecture, and using a Flex application as the user interface. It's a mashup of multiple technologies, and should be a lot of fun. Be sure to stop by!

pfSense 1.2.2 Success

I have been looking at open source firewall/router solutions for a while, and my list of requirements has been pretty steep.  In particular, any solution I give a recommendation to would need to support WAN load balancing and SIP (for VOIP phones).  I also recently added dynamic DNS to that list.

Today I am pleased to say that I have a working solution using pfSense 1.2.2 (  I had done a comparison between pfsense and vyatta a while back, and found issues with both that prevented it from being a solution I can recommend.<more/>pfSense requires a PC (any pentium 4 older desktop will do, maybe even a Pentium 3), a few network cards (add as many as you have network zones), and either a hard drive or a flash drive (i am using a USB flash drive).

Download the live CD, go through the wizard and configure each of your ethernet cards, and then install it to your drive.  Reboot and now you have a web-based config utility to do most of what you need.

Everything we…