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TaskCFC : Open Source Group Task Management is coming!

I have been working hard on a new project, to be released as open source called "TaskCFC." This is a group task management system that uses ColdFusion on the back end and Flex on the front end. I am writing this since it seems there are no real easy to use/easy to customize group task mgt systems out there. Ultimately this *WILL* be integrated with FusionDox, and may be integrated with Google apps and Google App Engine.Here is a partial list of features:

- Admin, project manager and user roles

- Projects are associated with a company

- Tasks are associated with a project

- Every task has multiple attachments with a beautiful and easy flex-based upload system

- Delegation of tasks

- E-mail notifications

- Time sheet/log integrated with tasks

- define your own work types and hourly rates

...and more...

Version 1 is nearly feature complete, and already being tested in a real work environment.

So if this interests you or you want to contribute, give me a shout.

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