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iPhone pwnage bandwagon

I am generally NOT ok with hacking operating systems to remove software or hardware restrictions.  That being said, the Iphone Dev Team released their new pwnage 2.0 tool on sunday, after an incredible amount of hype.  I went ahead and used the tool and now my iphone is unlocked with the 2.0 firmware for use with any sim card.Note: Links to pages that explain how to unlock your iphone are at the bottom of this post.So, if I am against hacking hardware and software, why did I unlock my iphone?I am a technology industry professional.  Sure I like to have new technology gadgets, and that was the draw for getting an iphone in the first place.  Since I got one, it has become a very useful part of me.  Like my trusty old treo, it gives me my calendar and address book, which sync with my desktop.  Where the iphone really shines is with the built in WiFi.  This is, by the way, where the treo completely failed in the last few years (despite a huge number of users complaining and demanding wifi…

Open source routers for WAN load balancing

Get ready for acronym overload.

A while back, I write a blog entry about pfSense, and mentioned that it was a worthwhile project.  Now I want to mention Vyatta, which is another open source router project.  While pfSense is based on BSD and has a fancy web interface, Vyatta is based on Linux, and only has CLI (command line interface).

As a general rule the CLI is not really a huge problem for me, especially since Vyatta has a PDF reference manual outlining the different commands.

The whole reason I have been looking at open source routing solutions in the first place is because I want to reconfigure our network with a load balanced solution (over two or more broadband internet connections), and I didn't find much in the commercial sector that convinced me to buy.  We also have a VOIP phone system, so whatever gets implemented needs to support SIP connections and have QOS control.  Add DMZ and firewall rules support and now you need a pretty full-featured router.

When I initially s…