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Dealing with Russian Spam in Google Mail aka Gmail

In a day where spam is an increasingly huge issue, I have been using Google's email which does great at spam filtering.  There is of course once major exception, and that is Russian or Cyrillic spam emails.  Google's filters don't seem to be able to block those emails, and if you have had an account as long as I have, the volume of spam is bad.  I was getting 50-100 Russian spam emails every day.

I have experimented and come up with a solution using Google's filter feature.  It has taken several tries to get the right settings to actually be effective.  Here is how to rid yourself of the bad Russian spam!

Log into your account in GmailIn the upper right part of your screen, click on "Settings"On the settings page, click on the "Filters" headingClick the "Create a new filter" linkIn the "Has the words" box, copy and past in the contents from this Microsoft Word document (I tried to paste the actual characters here, but they got all…