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Dispatching custom events from a Flex Module

I have been working to make my Flex applications more and more modular.  Flex now supports modular development with the ModuleManager so you can dynamically load and unload modules at runtime.There is reasonably good documentation online for how to load and unload basic modules, and even how to set public vars and call public methods defined in modules after they are loaded.  There were not, however, any examples (that i could find anyway...) for having a module dispatch a custom event class, so that your application can catch and respond to the event.  Here is a basic outline of an app, a custom event class that stores some bits of information, and a module that demonstrates dispatching the custom event class:The main Flex app "SimpleModuleEvents.mxml" :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""


 layout="absolute"> <mx:Script&…

DRM: Spiral Frog + AnalogWhole + Itunes = free music for ipod and iphone

There have been some nice new "advertiser sponsored" free music sites to pop up over the last few years.  One of the most promising is Spiral Frog (  The downside to pretty much all of them has been that songs downloaded from these sites are digital rights managed (DRM) which is used to ensure that only licensed users can listed to the files.  Basically once you download one of these songs, you can't email it to your friend and let them listen -- they will get a license error.

This technology for digital rights management is essential so that the already struggling music industry doesn't lose what little money it is making.  It used to make a killing on CD sales, but not anymore thanks to illegal music distribution online.

So, the upside to DRM is that you can't give illegal copies to your friends.  The downside is that if you use a service like Spiral Frog (which uses Microsoft Windows Media Player for DRM and playback), th…