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Flex Multiline Text / Code Editor with Line Numbers

I found myself needing a text editor that displayed line numbers for a Flex project, and despite searching online, couldn't find a Flex 2 component that did what I wanted.  So like a good programmer, I whipped one up. 
Here it is, in all its buggy glory.  I would love some feedback, and perhaps some of you Flex gurus would like to contribute.  If so, e-mail me.

<cfpresentation> error on multiserver coldfusion install

On a clean multiserver install of ColdFusion 8, I was surprised that <cfapplication> was throwing an error.

The error I was getting was:

An error occurred in creating the presentation. C:\JRun4\servers\SERVER_NAME\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\preso\viewer.swf

Upon investigating, it seems that the primary JRun server for ColdFusion (usually called "cfusion"  had the proper files in the expected places, however each of the additional servers that were created had several directories missing from the last "/lib" folder, including the "preso" folder mentioned above, which caused the issue.

The missing directories were:

presothirdpartytoolsDirectory stats also show that the cfusion server has 187 objects, while the new instances had only 179 objects.  Take the above two directories out, and you are left with 6 other files that are apparently missing.  I haven't spent the time to figure out which ones, bec…