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Rar7z - Notes after it has been put to use

Not too long ago I posted a coldfusion component to handle compression for rar and 7z.  Here is a report from the first time using it.For reference, here is the important info:Download version 1.0 --

This is of course released as-is no warranty, no support, blah blah, and eventually if people like this, I will officially make it open source.  Its a small piece of code, so who knows how useful it will be.

There are a few sample pieces of code to help figure out how to use is.  It is relatively easy:

Compress a file:

<cfinvoke component="lib.rar7z" method="compressFile" returnvariable="compressFile">

    <cfinvokeargument name="SrcPathAndFile" value="#ExpandPath(".")#\myfile.dat">

    <cfinvokeargument name="ArchivePathAndFile" value="#ExpandPath(".")#\myfile.rar">

    <cfinvokeargument name="VolumeSize" value="3500">


Ghost for Linux ?

I have long been a supporter of using Ghost for imaging disks.  See a previous post on how to use Ghost 2003 with Windows Vista.

I have never, however, been able to find a replacement for Linux... until now.

I just came across this -- and pardon me if this is old news -- which seems very promising!

This is an open-source project based on NetBSD that allows you to boot from a CD, connect to an FTP site, and backup-to-image, or restore-from-image to the local drive, using the FTP site as the image storage location.  This sure sounds like what Ghost should have been!

I intend to try it out very soon.

Why ColdFusion isn't free

No, this isn't an "original" rant...  just spreading the word on an already available, and excellent eye-opening writeup of why CF doesn't fit the "mold" of other "programming languages" and why it isn't a simple process to say "this is free, why isn't CF free?"Anyway, stop reading my blog, and read this instead: to CF Insider!

Speeding up Windows Vista

I have finally put a copy of vista on my machine, and I have a few observations:It is prettyIt is different enough from Windows XP that some things are hard to findThe continual nagging and "are you sure" questions drives me crazyIt is slowI wouldn't call it more efficient, but it is the newest windows, so we all better get confortable with it.Here are some _wonderful_ resources I found online that allowed me to get vista running on my pc at about the same speed as winxp, and I am pleased to say that it is a bit more stable than XP as well.  After all, vista is based on the windows 2003 kernel, which has been very powerful and reliable.Turn off the nagging:The continual popups are from a new service called "UAC" or User Access Control.  Read this article (and google it for more info) and learn what it is, and deceide if you want to turn it off.  It may make your PC more vulnerable, but I will accept that risk.  What you do is up to you.http://www.mydigitallife.…

Using Ghost 2003 with Windows Vista

UPDATE:  This also works with Windows 7

If you do a few google searches for "ghost" and "vista" you will find a ton of posts.  What I have found frustrating is the lack of clarity on one particular issue:

"If you back up a windows vista partition using ghost 2003 (dos based) to another drive or partition, can you restore it and have a bootable vista OS ?"

Answer: YES it works -- see below for how to do this.

There are many people who say if you clone a disk (i.e. you have two hard drives, clone A to B), that ghost 2003 works fine with vista, but nobody has clearly stated how and if it works on a partition to partition basis.
Here is how we setup all our computers:  The primary drive is split into 2 partitions, C: is for the OS, and D: is for files and backups.  In this scenario, the OS drive can be backed up to the D: drive using ghost.
This works great for any windows until Vista came around.  Now all of a sudden, changes to the boot sector make it more di…

Aptana Studio Released!

I am truly impressed with what this group has brought to the development community.  Long ago I loved a code editor called "HomeSite+" which existed in several interesting flavors, ColdFusion Studio (i think?), and JRun Studio were two other flavors I remember.  Then came the Dreamweaver shift...  I never really got on that bandwagon.  I resisted for a LONG time, then I tried it out, and just never really was thrilled with it.  I am a coder at heart.Then came Eclipse.  Great concept, just not for the masses.  Then came Eclipse 3, and then CFEclipse... then came Flex Builder and the RDS plugins, all good still, but not thrilling.HomeSite was great at letting you develop remotely.  Thats a big no-no in the software world now, but for web developers it is a big deal.  You don't always have _everything_ you need running on your laptop!Anyway, I got off track.  After all these tools, finally comes an attempt to bring it all together: Aptana Studio.  In its development stage a…