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rar7z.cfc : RAR and 7-Zip compression for ColdFusion

ColdFusion has built-in support for .zip archives (after all, CF is built on Java, and all those .jar files are actually just .zip files).  This works well for out-of-the box compression for most applications.  Where it doesn't work is when you have to work with much larger files. craps out if you give it files over about 2GB.  In the modern world, many files are larger.

So since I obviously came across this limitation, I explored options and determined that the world relies on rar and more recently on 7-zip for compression of larger files.  The most desired feature I was after was being able to split archives into smaller files.  My specific application was that I have a huge database backup file (9+GB) that I need to archive, but windows doesn't work too well with large files.  So with rar or 7-zip (or just 7z) you can compress large files and split them into smaller files so you can put them on a cd or dvd, etc.

Now that I had a working solution, integrating …

Flex 2 Boot Camp

I decided to attend a one-day bootcamp for Flex 2 in New York City which was piggy backed onto a RealWorld Java Conference.  Our instructors were Yakov Fain and Victor Rasputnis from (they make some cool Flex add-ons you should check out).

It was a day of intensive brain crunching.  It seemed to me that it was definitely aimed at Java developers (how many CF developers know what ant is?) more than anything else.  A lot of the topics covered were already very familiar to me, including a lot of the Flex code itself -- at least until the second part of the day.  What was significant about the second part of the day was the software engineering insight as to how to approach flex apps over the "out of the box" approach Adobe (and formerly Macromedia) used to present. 

We covered topics such as compiling re-usable code into SWC files, logging and optimizing data traffic between your DB and Flex using ADF instead of slower verbose web services.  These were to…