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ColdFusion MX and JRun 4

Ok, is anybody else frustrated that between JRun 3 and JRun4, the ability to let users log into the JMC and see only their own JVMs was lost ?  Back in the good ole' days, you could assign a JCM to a JMC user and all was happy...Anyway, i sought an answer to this for quite a while and never found a solution out there and Macromedia seems to be skirting the issue, so i said screw it, and came up with my own solution.  Note: This solution is for LINUX, not windows.  Sorry windows folks, you will have to try to adapt this solution.  Hope it works out.Requirements:Some experience with ColdFusion and JRun (4 preferably) ColdFusion (any version, including CFMX running on JRun4) JRun 4 - remember this is a tool for letting people restart JVMs on JRun sudo installed on your Linux server (if you don't know what sudo is, leave right now -- im serious) For the smart people using Linux, here is the general concept:
Provide some place for your users to log in (this is your responsibility). …

Rude bloggers, Rude techies, Poor documentation

Ok, im not a newbie.  Perhaps compared to some, i might be, but with a good 12 yrs of this biz under my belt, i don't consider myself to be one.So here is my rant on why newbies (n00b) shouldn't get upset when techies are rude and abrupt.  BTW, im not talking about this Blog, since its relatively new -- don't flame me because my blog isn't gigantic like other peoples.  My literary works are spread amongst a vast diverse medium.  This is my blog, not yours, so what goes on here is up to me and nobody else.I used to be a newbie.  I got super pissed whenever I would be researching some java API or unix app that i had to compile.  Of course i had problems, and of course, I didn't know how to use freaking vi (I hate vi, but thats a different story).  Trying to ask for help online for something like cron, ssh, apache + ssl, qmail (yeesh!!), xinetd or some of these other "behind the scenes" programs that have been around forever is painful.  The only people who …

Image gallery in 5 minutes using ColdFusion and PHP

Ok, here's the scoop:  I needed a way to show thumbnails for some photos and I didn't want to spend any more than 15 minutes to do it.  Talk about deadline, huh?  Anyway, here is what I came up with, and yep, I managed to throw it together in [about] 15 minutes.  You get to copy my code and implement it in 5 minutes, hence the subject.Overview:  This is running on a LINUX server running apache, with a modern PHP and ColdFusion 6.1.  Your server may not have the same specs, so this code won't work.  If so, sorry it didn't work out.This solution is to create a directory with images in it (jpegs for example).  To make it a gallery, we throw in an index.cfm page that uses <cfdirectory> to get a list of images to display.  We then loop through the listing, and for each image, generate a link and thumbnail using a nifty php script.  The php script creates a thumbnail on the fly and stores it in a subdir, and then displays it.  Cool, huh?  WARNING: This solution is not …

Using JFreeChart with ColdFusion

This was originally posted in Christian Cantrell's blog.Well, your post just helped me figure out a long time nagging problem. I have been working on a CF wrapper for JFreeChart to generate on-the-fly charts, and have been stumped with corrupted output, until I saw your fix about the double getResponse() method calls. With that change, all works great! For those who don't understand WHY you might need to do this, here is sampe code that creates a bar chart on-the-fly (no caching on the file system) and outputs directly to the browser a JPEG image (or a PNG with incredible quality!): <!--- first generate some data --->

barDataset = CreateObject("java", "");


rval = int(randrange(1,500));

barDataset.setValue(numberformat(rval), "2001", "Q1");

rval = int(randrange(1,500));

barDataset.setValue(numberformat(rval), "2001"…